It Starts With Belief

Theodore Roosevelt said “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” As I take a leap of Faith and continue my journey in entrepreneurship, this quote speaks to me. For years I have suppressed my desires of having my own business, building my dreams instead of someone else’s, but admittedly fear and anxiety has kept me paralyzed. I didn’t know what it was until I attended an event hosted by my friend, author, and entrepreneur Hennither Gant for her book Freedom From Anxiety. I sat in a room listening to speakers talk about anxiety and all I could think was “Me too.”

I have watched friends, family, and colleagues jump and soar. I stood on the sidelines cheering them on, genuinely happy for them, and silently beating myself up for being too afraid to do the same. Ironically at a Step Out the Box event last summer hosted by another friend, Erika Akwo of Know Your Worth, Hennither and I sat in the audience and she turned to me with bright eyes and big smile and said “I can’t wait for you to get started. You’re going to be GREAT!” Those words have played over and over in my mind like a broken record for the last year. I have studied entrepreneurs, taken classes, created a mastermind group, and taken so many notes that I could write a book about getting started, yet I remain in my comfort zone and rely on my 9-5 where I consult my with clients on how to run their organizations, instead of running my own. Crazy right?!

Not long after Hennither spoke to me, I met a woman who introduced me to a concept that has added fuel to the fire burning inside of me. And you guessed it, she’s an entrepreneur. Since then strangers have become family, confidants, accountability partners, and prayer warriors. They speak life into me, often believing in me when I don’t believe in myself. This was confirmed through several conversations this past weekend as we attended training. “We see you. You are inspiring. You are an integral part of this team.” Who me??? These negative thoughts creep into my head. The day goes on and I listen to leaders of our organization share moments of self-doubt, triumph, and overcoming obstacles that would have taken any ordinary person down. Then a woman takes stage whom I have met a few times and absolutely love her spirit. The only female trainer speaking to an audience of 11,000+! I was all ears. Her words captivated the crowd, yet I felt like she and I were the only two in the arena. She told the story of a child who falls. Any parent knows that a child’s response is largely dependent on your response. Either he/she will cry, or get up and dust him/herself off and continue playing. “Get up boy!” She says. That’s life – you fall, but you have to get back up again, and again, and again.

This is one day after my birthday and before leaving this trip I vowed to myself to make this year better than the last – sound familiar?Truth be told, I’ve been telling myself that for years, but this year, I feel different. This year, I BELIEVE it! He has prepared me for this – all of the signs were there this weekend. If I had been paying attention, those signs have been there all along. God gave me the vision a long time ago so I know that He has given me all that I need to be successful. On October 3, 2016 it became so clear that I could not deny it. He wants me to take what I have learned transforming businesses as a consultant, to transforming lives as a coach. Walk in my purpose or die a slow death. Dream again, take action, and most importantly, Believe I can!